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Rome Township Real Estate, Tri-Lakes, Lake Sherwood, Lake Camelot, Lake Arrowhead, Public Access, Boat Launches, Photos, Fishing, Camping, Parks and more

Tri-Lakes, WI. | Lake Arrowhead | Lake Camelot | Lake Sherwood

The Tri-lakes consist of Lake Arrowhead, Lake Camelot and Lake Sherwood which all three have been heavily subdivided for many years with thousands waterfront lots and off water deeded access parcels.  This area has more vacation property than full time living.  There are several different subdivisions with each with different rules and regulations.

The Tri-lakes do offer plenty of recreation for both on and off the water.  Rome Township has 2 county parks both on water; Lake Arrowhead County Park and Lake Camelot County Park. You can find a huge ATV routing system shared with adjoining Townships to the South plus 4 square miles of ATV Trails called the Monroe Prairie Recreational Area.

Lake Sherwood also known as Deer Lodge Lake is the smallest of the Tri-Lakes with 246 acres but has the deepest average depth of 10 feet and sites in-between Arrowhead and Camelot but is not home to… more info
Lake Sherwood Association website-
Sherwood Lake Map -

Lake Arrowhead aka Manchester Lake is the 2nd largest and the regulated and popular of the Tri-Lakes with about 350 acres of freshwater with a max depth of 30 ft fed by Fourteen Mile Creek.  Public has access to the lake using Lake Arrowhead County Park with boat docks, a sandy beach, playground… more info

Lake Arrowhead Association website -

Lake Arrowhead Golf Courses & Golfing -

Lake Camelot is the largest of the tri lakes with 445 ski able acres and a average depth of 9 feet and has a county park open to the public plus several private access points only open to the real estate owners around the… more info
Lake Camelot Association website -
Camelot Lake Map -

The Tri-lakes are surrounded by ATV Routes, snowmobile trails and plenty of public land for your enjoyment.

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